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Mohit Ochani

Company Name: Red Carpet Wax Museum

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Mumbai is a mega city driven by glamor, fame which attracts people to visit Mumbai. If you are in Mumbai and planning to hangout best fun place in Mumbai, then it’s definitely Red Carpet Wax Museum. It is located in Ghatkopar at RCity Mall. One can complete their dream to see statues of great artist, politicians, historic leaders, and many more. The statues are very well sculpted giving real life feel. A perfect theme is designed to every statues at their background. Right from small kids to old ones, anyone can experience and take photos with their favorite star. You must carry your camera to take snap with the stars inside. Go through our website and explore what Red Carpet is and what you will see. After visiting Red Carpet museum one will have impressive mark on their mind. Looking forward to see you at Red Carpet Museum.

Phone: 7798175556

Anthony Dsuza

Company Name: Social Media Experts

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Phone: 5403517923

Snow Kingdom

Company Name: Snow Kingdom

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Ad Min

Company Name: Top 10 India In

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Phone: +91-7654955605

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Business Hours :10:30 - 5:30


Top 10 India Provides proper guidance to users to search out important Shops/Store and Places in their Nearby Location. It will help users in saving their money & their precious time. As our website will help them in searching various rare products which they may need.

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The Top10 India is a very useful site for both users and tradesman. In this website, a tradesman can register their shop/store and Place. It contains approx. 100+ business categories & 1500+ cities. It will be useful for the tradesman to increase their sales. It is a platform which tells top 10 shops/store and Places in various cities.